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Solange Knowles' style is iconic. Her confidence, unique flare and style captivates my heart just as much as her music does. She follows no trend instead creates them. She embodies personal style, something we all can learn from in a world fixed on trends and perceptions. I came across this sheer robe without a clue how I would wear it. It was vintage & different so tossed it into my cart. Most pieces end up this way. See how I styled this trend for the low-low! 

."..I'm taking risks and feeling good about my evolution of style. It just feels so good! .."

 THE SHEER COAT : Don't sleep on the sleepwear when thrift shopping. Well at least for this season. I will usually thrift a trend before I pay retail. In this case, this sheer vintage robe was the highlight of my trip to Texas Thrift in Irving, TX. This is one of the newer stores. Scroll through the sleepwear section for sheer and silk, both are two textures making fashion way this Spring 17'. I also have purchased a few silk camisoles for less than 1.99; which will be debuting over t-shirts this summer. 

Trends come and go, so consider thrifting the trend & go for more quality pieces to splurge on!

Thrift stores are a hit and miss, so don't expect to find this exact cover. I will encourage you to go with trends in mind. Keep focus, and be fine with not finding exactly what you were looking for. Personal style does not replicate trends, but add flare to individual style.Would you try this look? What other trends would you like to see thrifted? And thanks for stopping by!

Stay stylish, 

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