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Preppin for Prom

These days blogging has become least priority to my ever changing life events. I wanted to push myself to post as a sign of perseverance! If you were curious as to what the HEL.. HEK I'm talking about check out this post will ya!?  lol ..



I'm super stoked about this community event! I just wanted to share my heart really quick. Many of you who have been following me for years (#thankyouBoo) know my passion for outreach and using my platform to support women young & old who are financially, physically and spiritually distressed, but have a deep desire to propel.. (she is me) 

As an aspiring Social entrepreneur, I want to continue to build a business model that promote positive change in my own backyard through events like Thrift inStyle. 

  While fashion and beauty has it's level of importance, community outreach and the social awareness of positive self images trumps many of my deepest admirations in aspiring and growing in purpose. Events like Thrift inStyle serve greater purpose for the ladies attending as well as the women benefiting from the proceeds. 

  thePromPrep was created to give young moms in high school a chance to attend prom by providing them with free prom attire & resources. From the moment we begun til the very end of that day, I was forever grateful for the feedback and appreciation from the young ladies. My heart filled with warmth knowing we, the community, was able help young ladies experience a milestone with no limitations. 

  This year, after several requests, I've decided to provide the same love and include any young lady attending prom.

 Last year took me under in my personal life, which caused a lot of self doubt, fear, comparison and financial distress to keep me from hosting this event. But I remember my happiest and most peaceful place is when I'm helping others. This is why I'm so excited! 

 I want to personally thank my tribe for keeping grounded and less emotional when I'm ready to give up! Guess what!? Leighton will be volunteering also! I've decided that he should see what moma does, and hopefully continue to build my legacy. 

So to the good stuff! ... I absolutely adore looking fine on a dime! I want to share this admiration with young ladies! If you know any girls looking to style wise & shop smart, invite them to this event! 

This little pop-up style boutique is FREE! Enjoy really good giveaways and more while you shop! 

Our Sponsors this year are my lifesavers & I could not have done this without them and the donations of so many in our community!

The Beauty Lab Salon
   Anita J. of  The Beauty Lab  - Her beauty is more than meets the eye! I'm so excited to have the  BL team volunteer their services and time during the event! Style and hair goes hand & hand.. We tend to feel 100 times prettier and 'slayed' when our hair is layed! 

Noted Stylist Crystal Crain  - The epitome of style and class! Crystal is sponsoring an amazing giveaway for one lucky attendee! Let's just say the winner will be SLAYED for GAWDS! 

Natalie and her team of NATPATFACES - (my hometown homegirls) Will be sponsoring hair and make-up giveaway to 2 lucky ladies! They will also be assisting the day of with mini make-up demos. I love when I get the backing of folks who I grew up with! It makes me grateful and willing to support them and others! 

photo taken by Gernelle Nelson 

Gernelle Nelson of Gernelle Nelson Photography  - My favorite girl in photography will be sponsoring her fab services to one lucky winner! I've collaborated and befriended this amazing woman! Capturing the essence of beauty & great milestones  are essential to every woman's  journey! 

photo taken by Kris Will Photo ( teehee it's me! What?) 

 Kristina William of Kris Will Photo - Another Dope photographer I've had the pleasure of working with will be joining us! I've acquired a great friendship and true admiration for this creative soul! 

Register for this exciting event TODAY and automatically be entered into a drawing for the ultimate Prom Prep Package!

SPECIAL THANK YOU to every single heart who have donated, supported and or shared this outreach event! Your giving has not gone unnoticed! This outreach project can not I mean can not have been possible without you! My sincerest appreciation to YOU!! 

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