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My PatrioticThrift Style

We are gathered here today to slay the Red, the White, and Blue thrifted before you.. 

Hey Hey! Don't mind me. I sure do hope your weekend will be filled with great fun, food and celebration of freedom! 

Was all the way down for this month's Thrift it! Clique theme: Patriotic Style. The clique is half way through the year and I'm just happy to be here. Sharing my personal thrift style has really helped me evolve. Love it! 

Oh and I'm finally getting a chance to flaunt "the Kiss from a Rose silk rose crown" by AdornbyChi.  I was so excited to wear this cuteness in May during the "May Flowers theme", but had so much happening that month. I'm so not a huge flower girl wait.. or maybe I should be.. I'll revisit that later.. It was definitely super cute and fun accessory to add to my outfit regardless! Thank you Miss Jacque! 

    Addie (the brains behind Thrift it!Clique) is really doing a great job of inspiring me to be more consistent and to embrace the beauty of collaboration. Random but true. We had a great time shooting together. 

Make sure to follow Thrift it! Clique on Facebook. It's always filled with thrifted goodness!

 OH!, and this is a perfect time to encourage my DFW fashionable frugal gal-pals to register for the next Thrift Tour! I can not wait to hit up the Arlington, Fort Worth area with you! Get more deets and your ticket Here


Growing up every year we would get a 4th of July outfit. My mom had us all dressed alike too. And I so hated it. haha.. the dressing alike part of course. But I like getting a new outfit! I also enjoyed helping my sisters get ready! (the stylist in me) I mean for us it was the highlight of the holiday. Now that I'm older, I think it was a bit overrated to go all out for a darn 4th of July outfit. Nowadays your girl go to straight her closet for a "4th fit".

Overall, I was thrilled to showcase some Patriotic inspo this weekend. This look though was super casual and backyard BBQ inspired.

So what did I do?.. Find something from my pre-loved wardrobe of course. As I scrimmaged through what I had.

 I noticed I haven't much of a summer wardrobe. Poor Ty right?! 

Nope, because I'm here for the layers. Texas heat is the realest so I opted for lighter pieces I normally use to layer to go with this vintage skirt. I knew it was an authentic vintage item from the tags. I posted a while ago on "how to spot real vintage at a thrift store" here

I hope you find this cute number fun, easy and attainable to try! 

Outfit Deets: Floral headband by Adornbychi |Chiffon Polka dot blouse -Ross Store | Vintage denim skirt -St.Vincent de Paul |  classic converse  

See how the rest of the clique styled their Patriotic Thrift Style:  

Addie | Elle | Brittany 

Happy July 4th Beauties! Go enjoy your weekend! 

stay stylish,

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