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 From my own experience and through people I’ve encountered over the last few years. I've concluded there are several reasons why you may not be getting the support or backing you expect for your business. It took a lot of guts to jump into entrepreneurship. Some of us are still in mid air. Some of us have landed into what we consider "GIRLBOSShood' Totally just made that up but keep reading.. haha

 Now you struggle with getting someone to back you or help promote your work. Instead of being emotionally frustrated and loosing connections I want to share a few things no one has had the heart to tell you. A few reasons you may not be getting the support you expect because: 

1.       You don't believe in your own darn brand. Now, of course, if you don't who will?  You have at least once or twice tested what you market, to make sure it’s something you would buy for yourself.  Believe in what you want someone to buy into to. Pretty simple right?

2.       You overlook the Quality over Quantity idea.  Timing is really everything from what I've learned. In order to assure you have what it takes to capture your audience, you must thoroughly prepare before you execute. If no time or research has been done to determine your goals, what you produce will suffer. Invest in quality products/ work, people buy quality ultimately. Now that everyone and their mama is a self-made entrepreneur it’s going to be competition you are going to need more than your pretty brand name Beau-Beau.  

3.       Your expectation that family and friends are or will be your client base. There is a massive world wide web out there and to focus on your family & friends as potential buyer is overkill. Because of  1 & 2 they may believe in you but not so much as your product/service and rather stay away to avoid coming off as critical of your work.

4.       You have nothing to back up your credibility. Everyone wants to have a successful business over night. Without understanding your niche or your audience how would you expect sales? It's sure to say, beau you are missing the mark. Success does equal hard work. Find out what makes your brand unlike the others and hone into that!

5.       You could be really good at branding, but horrible at communicating effectively. So the support lessens. People aren't clear. You aren't clear (Lawd!) now the dysfunction begins… Go into connections with an open- heart and a solid goal in mind.

6.       You are not taking time to put your best foot forward or listen to constructive advice without getting offensive. I use to pray for someone to take me under their wing and teach me or mentor me through my ventures. It was hard being rejected or even used for ideas so I took matters into my own hand and found myself all over the place and frustrated. When someone finally came along I was offended by the gesture. Now you can find me under the most knowledgeable (& spiritual) folks in my area of work. Find the right person or people who want to see you grow without taking value.

Now this is only based off what I’ve concluded. I’m sure there are tons of other reasons why you are lacking the support you want once deciding to be a #GIRLBOSS. As I have always stated,"as I grow I’m enthused to share the knowledge." Take your time; many of us are in a rush to be the next best, but haven’t dove through self-discovery (Lordt this was me). I commend anyone stepping out to become entrepreneur. I love you! Your desire is not in vain.

 I hope this motivates you as it does me to be more strategic about the leap to entrepreneurship. Stepping out on faith is deciding to move after hearing God’s voice to do so, but the hard work comes afterwards. I want us to get everything God promised us. I do! Put some ‘Respek’ on my post and share! Will you? Help a sister out. Comment below on your thoughts on my list of reasons. Disagree? Have more? Go ahead share!
 Xoxo, TyJ

DISCLAIMER: Okay, so this is totally not thrift related but I want to start discussing topics that inspire those who aspire. I'll take Tuesdays to drift off into ways I help make the stylishly frugal woman lifestyle valuable. As this blog evolves I hope you appreciate my evolution here. Thank you 

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