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Thrift it Clique theme: Summer 

Check out Addie of Oldworldnew , Brittany of Creativity Arise, and Elle of Elleworld as they style their personal thrifted summer outfits! 

Thrift it Clique theme: Summer 

This month I joined my fellow Thrift Queens for our monthly hookup to style our personal thrifted outfits for June. Can I tell you these beauties make my heart smile. Long ago I enjoyed meeting new people until I had a fair share of unfortunate friendship mishaps along the way. That shape my awareness and God had to really restored my heart to open up again. So glad He did! Each one of them have a unique thrifted style! That's what makes this clique dope!   

They are all extremely creative and ambitious. Just what a girl needs #squadgoals for sure! Well, I now embrace new connection with no major expectations other than to give what I want to receive and think nothing more than what I see. I see down to earth, kind-hearted women, so I'm rolling with it. Having an open to others despite past experiences is a part of growth. 

Summer is here and yes I have on pants. Lately Dallas has had it's  fair share of mixed weather the breeze comes and go. The rain.. the sun.. then rain again cycle got me all confused. So when I started to pick an outfit for the shoot (which is always last minute), I kept trying on different pieces until it felt like summer in my head. What? I did. lol  

  "I'm experimenting with color more lately. I didn't think I would adapt to color a much until I started blogging. Guess it's apart of my style evolution."
My Personal Style: 

This Chambray denim shirt unbuttoned with this chiffon polka dot tank was totally an unplanned collaboration, but Addie and I agreed layering it looks pretty cool right? Quite the breeze too! As I go through the pictures I realized I could have made an effort to iron huh? After hanging out with Brittany at the Cadillac Style Driven Event the night before I was too tired to try to be an over achiever at 7 am in the morning honey. Nope!

This is me channeling my street style look. I literally added some pieces together. My inspiration from this look comes from well desire to create something from my anti- summer wardrobe. Pretty effortless..

  Trendy pieces from this look would be the yellow tassel earrings and the denim chambray. I think the pants are the year round piece color wise mainly.

What is thrifted you might be wondering!? Well I get very cautious when buying pants from the thrift store. In fact this is probably the first pair of pants I've purchased (inspiration: Do the unimaginable). While at The Sal in Farmers Branch, Texas, I scored these cuties! It was fall at the time of purchase and the extra thick linen sealed the deal for me. They were a quality pair of pants I could have for a long time.

Thrift Tip: Try to invest in quality, classic items when shopping thrift stores. They tend to be easier to carry throughout seasons.

Get this look: 
sleevesless chambray denim blouse -Dillard's Clearence Center
Chiffon polk-a-dot blouse (similar)
Thrifted Pants
All white Converse 
Thrifted Vintage Coach Bag

I'm getting into the swing of this blogging thing. Love your feedback?! Drop your thoughts on this last minute esemble. Also stay connected with me on my personal handle @tiyunnaj on instagram follow the Thrift Instyle Bus Tour on Facebook and Instagram. I'd love to see you August 13th for our next Thrift Tour!? Hope your wednesday is going swell!? 
Happy Thrifting, 

Tiyunna J. 
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