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Platform Sandals + Budget


This past weekend was Memorial Day sale Frenzy. Which meant extra sale deals at thrift, resale stores! Since Leighton is away with his dad for summer my weekends are pret-ty boring. My friend mentioned making it her business to show me this store she raved about near her place. I'm all for a good fab find so I was excited when we got to Uptown Cheapskate in Lewisville, TX. 

Without further blah blah and blahing.. let me get straight to the good stuff! 

First impressions are important to me and from the outside the store front was pretty inviting. Once in I was greeted ( my favorite way to confirm I'm in the right place) by someone behind the counter. After maybe 10 minutes of scoping the store I asked my friend," wait.. is this retail or resale?" Items were well organized and even broken down by color and size ( SWEET!). 

"How many many of us go to the store with one item in mind and find ourselves choosing which is most important." Do I buy the top that fits my budget or the cute tote you hunted between the shoes $2 more?

 My friend and I actually decided to hang out that evening so my goal was to find something under 20 bucks a dress perhaps to make my transition into the evening outing.  Nothing screamed ooh me until I came across these platform heels in my size. I maybe a few seasons late with this heel but I started to think of how fun it would be to step away from my pointy toes, tradition heels. So I grabbed them! Great buy at 14.99. I bought a top for 4.99 and those shoes left the store spending under what I wanted to spend. #WINNING Cute shoes for the summer and a top for that evening that could be worn to work. Any who.. My overall review of the store is this:


  • Customer Service: Very inviting. I'm pleased!! 
  • Quality products: This is hard.. it's second hand so for the price adding a button on a blouse that's highly overpriced, but if you understand resale you'd be happy to take pre-loved items home and style them cute. Tons of brand named clothing and shoes and trendy pieces were definitely available in all sizes. 
  • Store: Very well kept. Nice upbeat retail vibe going on. 
  • Thrift inStyle Visit? Probably not. Maybe a small tour setting only due to the size of the store or one on one session. 
  • Deals & Steals: Love that there is a reward system that tallies your purchases. You'l take an extra % off overtime as you purchase. 
The beauty of finding cheap treasure is making it Chic right?.. This is how I styled the platform heels  I purchased. A little color block in Pantone inspired colors. I actually wore this to the office this week. 

Making CHEAP look CHIC.. 

Hey Listen.. 

I'm finding my way/niche through this whole blogging venture. My goal is to inspire you to spend wise and discover your personal style through my experiences. Tell me, Was this review helpful? Did you find value in my content. If not what would like to know more about? I would love your feedback. Thank you for feedback.

Hope this post inspired you to check out this store and visit your closet! 

 love ya,  TiyunnaJ 
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