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I had an opportunity to meet the beautiful designer Candace Lee behind this exclusive collection. DIMILOC is an exclusive line of apparel designed for women.  It's a modest and modern fashion brand inspired by new age simplicity, classic silhouettes and busy lifestyles. 

I met previously through one of our Thrift inStyle Tours last year. To my surprise we both had a love for hunting treasures from Thrift Stores! 

I'm not sure exactly how I got the chance to work with her. I believe it was through the power of social media that we connected. So glad we did!! She has the sweetest voice but the boldest personality. I was so inspired by her passion and consistency to create and cultivate her brand. The one of kind pieces are specifically made for the much taller women. The quality of the garments were by far the most memorable to me.  This Tribal print cape fit like a glove. The black Mid calf  dress hugged my figure to perfection. I felt sexy, beautiful, and confident. I think that's what it ultimately all about. Feeling good in midst of looking nice. 

As I began preparing for the pageant I felt inspired to practice as much as I can the art of posing and perfecting my posture. Now let me tell you this was my first time getting behind the camera(honestly) and Candace made it so easy to transition. Her love for Ole School R&B (the music that soothe yet keeps you grooving) helped me loosen up a bit. Great energy was key. She also photographed the shoot! Double Threat! After a three hour long session we ended with a little empowerment session.  We discuss topics from our values to business advice. I learned so many valuable nuggets from Candace. I'm so happy we crossed paths. Even more happy I could be a muse for a day! Make sure you stop by her website: www.dimiloc.com she is also sharing her passion on Instagram @dimiloc and @candacelle. 

I was pushed out of my comfort zone when asked to model for Candace. It felt great! I'm currently looking for more opportunities to discover this hidden talent. Stepping out of comfort reminders me of how easy it is to trust God. His word promises us so much,all we have to do move on what it says. Thanks for stopping by Beau! Love ya Much, 

Tiyunna J 

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