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Well hello Fashionably FruGals, Spring is here YAY! Could not wait to share my exciting weekend with you! Gosh, we have some catching up to do! I turned the big 3-0 in this year, new cut, new career, new goals. So much has changed. It's like I'm starting to come into who I am supposed to be. Minus the mini melt down about not succeeding in certain areas of my life by 30, I'd say Leighton and I are truly blessed. I'm grateful for this new stride! Before I start spilling Ty's tea, I just want to say how excited am I to finally hang out with this new group called Thrift it Clique of  Dallas, TX. 

I was honored to join a group of extraordinary women who, like me, can maximize their wardrobe by thrifting in style! Each month of this year we are getting together to coordinate thrifted theme looks. Based on my experience this past Saturday, I'd say it's more than just capturing thrifted looks. There was so much inspiration I couldn't handle it all at once. I've been sooo out of the loop I missed a few months.  But guess what I wasn't kicked out the group. YES! 

I was stoked to finally get chance to meet everyone. You will too shortly! This month's theme was personal style. I've had to cut my clothing budget to zero for the first half of the year to meet some personal goals, so I dove into my closet the day before the shoot and contemplated on what exactly was my personal style. Oh, before I forget this brings me to a vital Thrift Tip: go through your closet with a fresh set of eyes, open yourself up to mixing pieces you already have before heading out to thrift.

To my conclusion, I had several different styles. My favorite go to look is sorta classy chic. So I started trying on pieces while listening to Tye Tribett's song "HE TURNED IT". That's my jam! Okay where was I, so after half an hour of mostly praise dancing I finally decided on a look. It seems my style hasn't done as much evolving as my life has lately. 

I can not tell you how much fun we had shooting Downtown Dallas. First time I'd been to the Dallas Arts Museum. Leighton and I shall return. Klyde Warren Park lights me up every time. So refreshing. The vibes, the people, the natural light... pretty serene! Lord knows I had no intentions of having #coolhaus hot chocolate in my photos. I'm going to see about doing a review for their ice cream truck. The wind almost blew my little thin self away. It's so disrespectful. Thank God the sun had my back. 

HERE are my outfit details // Blue jean jacket and Zipper necklace, Thrift World of Lewisville // Hounds-tooth print Blouse(can you tell I like this print)thrifted at the Sal (Salvation Army) in Farmers Branch // Watch, thrifted (forgot which store it's been so long) // Vince Camuto -rose quartz plead skirt, Dillard's outlet ($19 from regular $89)// Sandals, Image in Irving, TX (don't kill me I don't remember maybe $20 bucks) // Rings (Charlotte Rouse)

So I mixed my thrifted hounds-tooth blouse with one of Pantone's Spring colors of 2016 (rose quartz) inspired plead skirt to pull off this chic look. I layered the denim jacket to make it causal. I was not afraid to mix pleads with a pattern. Neither should you! I want to know what's your personal style?  Would you have collaborated the two? Tell us by hashing it out using #thriftitclique #ticpersonalstyle. 

Special shouts to Gernelle Nelson for capturing all of our pictures for this shoot! You are the Bomb.com! You took a photo idea I had and brought it to life with little without me explaining too much..Thank you Beautiful!  

L to R: lower left Addie (the brains behind the group)Elle, Brittany P Brittany C, and Kendra

Be sure to stay tuned for next month's themed looks! I hope you have been inspired to figure out what's in your closet! (in my Capital One commercial voice)

Listen, take a sec and check out more personal thrift style inspiration and outfits deets from my Blogger Beaus by clicking their names! Thanks again for gracing my post! 

until next time,,

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