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THRIFT inStyle “Fall Tour” 
    October 24th, Thrift inStyle hit the rainy streets of Dallas,Texas for a mid-day thrift in the city.  Aboard this contemporary style bus were the fashionably frugals who joined our last lavish thrift tour of the year. We shared the 411 on the best thrift hunting tips as well as a little girl talk, while being chauffeured to three of the most sought after thrift stores in the area. The rain did not stop the excitement of snagging "new to you" thrift items, as well as scout out authentic vintage finds. These ladies could have visited the stores alone, but we were extremely honored they decided to "thrift the town" with us. We met for a quick coffee break and a little networking at Breadwinners- Inwood as we get ready to board the bus.

Can you believe there were several attendees who were thrifting for the first time?! That was perfect! After all that's one of the biggest reasons the #thrifttour exists! We made sure to equip them with basic steps every thriftanista should know about thrifting 101 as well how to style your finds. If you are new to thrifting or would like to join us next year make sure you subscribe here

Our first stop was just voted BEST(ACTUAL)THRIFT STORE in the Dallas Observer. Thrift World "is the best kind of old school thrift shop. It's not a tiny, quaint shop, more like the Wal-Mart of used clothing and home decor, but you'll always walk out of there with some bizarre or unique find that costs less than $6."  

We had to see what this huge treasure chest had to offer! As we entered the store, we were greeted by the cashiers on duty. At a glance(with the store being so huge) the newbies would have felt overwhelmed, but after our prep talk they were off to hunting some treasures! The key to a successful trip here lies in knowing the sale of the day and where certain garments are on the floor. We spent the most time here. Mainly because there were so many great finds, thanks to the THiS Crew's assistance. 

   Our second stop was St. Vincent de Paul of Plano. Before we arrived we shared some of our #fabfinds and inhaled some sweet treats from our sponsor Ohmi Ohmy Bakery on the bus. 
Designer clutch spotted and snagged during our thrift tour by Cerita! 

Words can not describe how great it felt to feel like celebrities, as St. Vincent de Paul's Store manager greeted us with a camera ready to snap it up! Hands down the best customer service we experienced the entire tour. We always enjoy stopping by SVdP. One of our favorite places to Thrift! 

Like most thrift stores SVdP had a Saturday sale, 40% off on bottoms. Not the best sale on a day for a bus load of frugal shoppers, but they have really great deals throughout the week that makes the difference.  For laughs and good time try bombarding a store with Jessica and Alexandria.
Back of the bus for one last stop, the ladies finally had a second to check out the Signature Tote filled with beauty products and resources from our sponsors! We love helping promote some of the best beauty, inspirational and fashion finds. Stay connected as we evolve to highlight the best beauty on a budget soon! 

As you can see from the photos our bus was fill with #fashinablyfrugal totes! Oh and posh faces excited about their finds! But the Thrift Tour did not stop here. We headed to our final stop which is less than 6 minutes for SVdP, Family Thrift Center of Plano . At this time everyone who joined the tour had at least two pieces of garment they felt confident in and about. This final stop ironically transitioned perfectly for the once sorta "new to thrift"attendees. 

With the late afternoon crowd, many of us stuck together during checkout time. The aisle were filled with other thrift goers. The coolest thing about this store was definitely the prices and one of kind finds. Just in case you decide to head over to this place remember Saturdays will be crowded and if you find your favorite item without a tag expect to leave it out of your tote. If it does not have a price tag you may have to put it on hold until someone from staff can price it. 

We absolutely enjoyed this stop for the most part. From looks of their faces, majority of the attendees found really nice outerwear and a vintage Coach bag was spotted and snagged. Back to bus we went as it started to sprinkle a bit. When the rain held off until our last stop we knew we'd consider this thrift tour a success! There were giveaways and social media challenges during the tour. We recapped the day and socialized more with bus buddies until we made it back to our original meet up location. 

Overall this tour could not have been as successful without our attendees, sponsors, vendors, our photographer, Jaren Collins and "The Crew".  As Thrift inStyle evolves, our hope is you get a chance to experience a one of a kind opportunity to style wise, spend smart and support your community!  

We also had a few social media pictures using hashtags #dfwThrift or #thriftinstyledfw. Be sure to check them out! 

And that's a Wrap of the ReCAP! Missed this one!? Want to join us next time? Also in Feb 2016 we host our 1st Style Swap of the year!? Join the community for more updates. We promise not spam you or send tons of ridiculous emails.. 

Our events will always support the community. This particular event accepted items from a wishlist created by Alley's House of Dallas,TX. A % of the proceeds from this tour went towards items needed from the list. Thank you to all who supported this cause and future opportunities! 

Thanks for stopping by as always, 
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