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Top 5 Thrift Tips for Newbies

If you’re new to thrifting, here are a few pointers to help you make the most of your experience on the Thrift Tour next Saturday. Although the will be tons of help as you begin hitting the racks I want to ease your mind from the overwhelming idea of what to expect your first time. 
Here are a few tips: 

Give Back.
Before you actually decide to make this tour know that those clothes you haven’t worn in five months could benefit someone in need. Find local thrift stores that give back to a cause your passionate about support. I'm personally passionate about economic development in young mothers. I partner with young mother transitional homes in DFW to provide clothing and other donations to support these young women into self sufficiency. Donations are currently not nonexempt but we are working to make the most of your contribution.

Know what you need.
 It pays to keep a running list of things you need or want. Once you’ve cleaned out your closet you should clearly be able to distinguish your needs and wants. Anything you’ve worn once normally is a sign you probably won’t wear it again. You should get the most out of your wardrobe by mixing and matching items often.  Try looking for trendy pieces and items that fit your personality.

Map out your area.
Thrift stores tend to cluster together in areas with high traffic and low rent. Before you make a day of visiting all the shops in your area, check out this directory thethriftshopper.com. Since each of the major charities that runs thrift stores tends to appeal to a different kind of donor, each store will have a slightly different kind of stock, so catch one of our tours to check out the best places to return.

Know the specials.
Many thrift stores run different kinds of specials, often offering discounts of 50%, 75%, or even more off their regular daily prices. In my area, one chain takes 50% off anything with a different color tag every week. Best way to stay on top of specials is to become a VIP member if they have a mailing list.

Don’t feel bad if you leave empty handed.
 It’s completely normal not to leave with anything your first time. Leaving emptiness means you probably saved yourself from buyer remorse. Every thrift store is different so if you are really interested in pursuing the racks try again with another store. We will have a running list of places we’ve toured and what was we thought were often found items. Stay connected!

Our Thrift Tours educate you as you thrift and also help you style pieces into your existing wardrobe. We love a great find! Get ready to turn heads in your #thriftthreads! Register your spot on the Oct. 24th Tour HERE
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