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It's Officially Fall in DFW: ThriftStyle Inspiration

     DFW got it's first taste of autumn weather this weekend, which means this weekend we stop "transitioning to fall" and dive right in. So if you're looking for some ideas on how to wear your thrifted finds, look no further this Saturday during the Thrift inStyle Thrift tour, where Fall essentials are on our #thriftlist and a great weekend with your favorite girls abound. The best part? We bring you the best thrift-style inspiration! So get inspired and embrace fashion's most lush season now!

    I absolutely adore Fall, the layering, the warm colors, and array of different textures. I thrifted this mustard color vintage top from my trip to St.Vincent de Paul in Dallas a few weeks ago for $8. Because a girl can never go wrong with accessories, my chunky earrings and vintage belt from "The Sal" in Farmers Branch for $3 each makes me happy! This is one reason I enjoy thrift shopping, I get to stay stylish without spending tons of bucks to express my personal style. I paired this top with hounds-tooth pencil for a modern vintage chic look. I could not wait to put together some of my favorite fall pieces for you guys! Stay tuned this week as I share the latest "Fall Trends:Thrifted". We want to feature some "#thriftinstyle inspo" from the #FabFrugals of DFW send us your pictures at contact@thriftinstyle.com! Or hashtag us on instagram or Facebook #fabfrugalsdfw.  Hope to see Saturday! 

Happy Thrifting FruGals, 
       TiyunnaJ :) 

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