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Vintage Store Review :Dolly Python

This colorful, overly eccentric vintage store totally surpassed my expectations….

Looking for unique vintage garb is like finding pure gold when hunting the racks at your typical Thrift Store, but Dolly Python was not a thrift store and the originality and ambiance took you back in time! The gold was clearly at your fingertips!

 My gal pal Prescilla and I stopped by only minutes before closing to check out the layout for the upcoming thrift tour. I wanted to meet the team (which were very excited about the tour and informative), check out the collection, and run through the ideal stop. From vintage antique brooches to 30's era decor, a girl who adore vintage would go bonkers in there! The jewelry was one of a kind. If you are into cowboy boots they have a vast selection of styles that really bring out the best of the Texas culture. I was definitely impress.

    My absolute favorite section of the store would have to be the antique decor. Adding flare to your home with accent pieces can spunk up the look of your pad. We found this really cool photo prop to take a picture behind. Profile Mugs for Jail set up for shoppers to tag the store on social media. 

I'm wanted for being fabulously frugal! *Outlaw with missing heights numbers from my mugshot.. #nojudging

Overall I'd say if you really love vintage items, "Dolly Python has Tons of Vintage Garb for really fair prices". I can not wait to head back in on June 20th to really shop the racks and maybe do a vintage haul of my #favfinds. I've collecting a few authentic vintage pieces over the years that were not my size or style. I kind of became a hoarder. Shhhh.. Dolly Python actually buys your vintage items so I will be selling my vintage pieces or  maybe exchanging them for some new to me garb! Exciting! Stay connect & get updates on the the next thrift tour and outings by heading over to ThriftinStyle blog and subscribe!

I'd love to see some of your vintage garb from Dolly Python so tag me on Instagram at @thriftinstyledfw and hashtag #thriftinstyle.  

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