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5 Things to Thrift Now


The idea of knowing what to look for when thrifting can be overwhelming. Make you want to just say "Nu UH" to making the trip right? Well I'll share my list of faves to thrift in any season. Besides you could really save some time and money to create a stylish budget! Speaking of money..

..ever since I’ve started this path to financial wellness I’ve had to be very realistic about my spending habits when it comes to shopping. Spending what I don’t have is now a thing of the past, well almost. Now that it's my essential source to flaunting my personal style and maintaining my current financial goal, I find it essential to thrift seasonally. So I'm practically minimizing my shopping budget and maximizing my personal style! 

 I practically live for the thrill of saving and staying true to my personal style for a fraction of the price for retail. Enough about me let's get right to it! If you were inspired to hit up your nearest thrift store some time this week, then her you go! 

The items listed are what I believe the most accessible and versatile items you can find to augment your wardrobe for any season. 

1.Mom jeans 
Summers in Texas call for extremely cooling measures, so shorts are automatic must haves. Your typical high waisted "Mom Jeans" can be cut into cute shorts. Once washed a couple of times you can create the perfect shorts. I like to make long shorts and pair them with Soft linen shirts with flipflops for the summer. 

2. thin Skirts 
Skirts vary in length and from midi to mini. Midi and Maxis are a "in trends" that you can wear now. The cool thing is they come in so many different patterns and prints. Try dressing up a pattern skirt with a graphic tee for a cute Chic look or dress in up with a silk blouse. Love Love skirt hunting. I  find my the best skirts at  St. Vincent de Paul off of NW Hwy in Dallas. 

3.silk Blouses 
You can find all sorts of patterns from big to small prints of blouses. Patterns are making their comeback since the 80's and you can have so much fun dressing them up or down. I like wearing my blouses with my office suits. When dressing down I'd throw on a pair of distresses jeans with flats. 

4.Jewelry From chunky chains to Vintage earrings, you can always stay up to trend with costume jewelry. I find it fascinating when I'm wearing vintage jewelry how much of the revolving styles make their comeback. You can always score the best deals and prices. Trendy and inexpensive! 

The biggest selection in most thrift stores are blazers. I love finding waist line Blazers from two piece suits and pairing with jeans or shorts. Boyfriend blazers with a jeans and pumps or sneakers are easy to go outfits to try. And remember, a good seamstress can hem or take in your find.

While there are tons of great treasures in thrift shopping, I gathered a list of 5 "must thrift" now items for any season. 

 I always suggest being open in case you stumble across some pretty awesome treasures!  

My quest usually changes as my wardrobe evolves as well as trends that come and go. If you are a Thrift Enthusiast, what do you look for? Comment below! 

 Happy Thrifting Beau! 
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